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Family and friend trip supercharges passion for fishing

Taking out kids, parents and/or grandparents on a special fishing trip is one of my favorite things to do. The motive behind these generational excursions usually has something to do with getting a big fish, having fun, creating lasting memories and spending time with family and good friends. I love being a part of it! This story starts with a phone call from Grandpa Darryl Zuber to set up a striper trip with him, his […]

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Really big fish, really far north

Back in 2013, the Duluth News Tribune wrote about Jerry and Steve Butchart’s fishing trip to Great Bear Lake in Canada’s Northwest Territories. It was the third “once in a lifetime” trip to northern Canada for lake trout, and the father-son duo were amazed how good the fishing was. Flash forward to summer 2019, and the Butcharts made their 10th straight annual trip to far northern Canada. This time it was Great Slave Lake, and this time […]

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What makes a fishing trip? Whatever you want!

A few weeks ago, I was in eastern Washington visiting family. On a sunny Saturday, I took two nephews and a niece, ages 6 to 13, on a fishing trip. Predictably, it was a departure from my typical outings. Rather than keeping count of the fish we caught, the kids kept track of the cool things we saw — a beaver, a great blue heron, pheasants, deer tracks and a dead snake, to name a […]

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