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5 Frog Fishing Hacks For Bass

You know it’s coming; but the heart-pounding anticipation of watching a topwater frog traverse its perilous course takes us to the roller coaster’s peak and positions us for the sharpest shot of pure adrenalin in all of fishing. Is this the cast? Is someone watching, waiting, preparing to unleash epic savagery? I’ve had 10 fish days, I’ve had one fish days. I’ve seen first-shot bites and times where each attack cost 20 casts. Across the […]

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Frog Fishing for Shallow Clear Water Bass

I was reminded recently how good a frog can be for clear water bass fishing when they are spooky and up super shallow in the heat of summer on lakes where most anglers aren’t even thinking about fishing shallow anymore because of water clarity. I’ve seen it on Kentucky Lake, Smith Lake, Table Rock Lake, Beaver Lake, Dale Hollow and more lakes across the country. You’re going down a bank breezing along throwing a topwater […]

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