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Modifying Bass Fishing Lures with Bladed Treble Hooks

Tweaking your fishing lures to give them more natural flash so they more closely mimic multiple baitfish can give your standard out-of-the-package baits more appeal to the bass and other gamefish you chase. Professional bass angler Michael Iaconelli has been experimenting the last year with adding bladed treble hooks to his lures, trying to get more bites with a bit different looking lure the fish haven’t already seen a million times. The new VMC Bladed […]

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Outdoors: Catch-and-release fishing worth time, attention

Lately I’ve spent quite a bit of time researching Lee Wulff for another writing project. It is interesting how long the ideas we think are modern have been around. Catch-and-release fishing is practiced by most modern anglers, and Wulff, one of New York’s most famous fly anglers, touted this idea as far back as 1936. Lee Wulff said, “a gamefish is too valuable to only be caught once.” Catch-and-release regulations first appeared in the United […]

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