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Go fishing for good fishing shows

Well, so far, it has been an up and down winter, with ice as thick as 8 inches, and now all the lakes are open. The holidays are over and everybody is in “outdoor show” mode. I couldn’t care less who wins the Super Bowl, and the Orioles still haven’t made any effort to bolster their sorry pitching staff, and probably won’t. Personally, I have grown weary of all the bass fishing shows that feature […]

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Joe’s Fishing Hole: Super moon led to good fishing

With this past weekend’s super moon, anglers reported good fishing first thing in the morning and right before sunset in the late afternoons. Was this because of the super moon or just coincidence? There are a lot of theories about the moon’s phase and how the fish bite, with many anglers using a solunar calendar. It appears that fishing when a new or full moon is either just rising or setting is the optimum time. […]

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