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Joe’s Fishing Hole: Keep those guides ice-free

Earlier this week saw the overnight lows dipping into the teens and several anglers have asked me how to keep the ice from forming in the guides of their fly rods and fishing poles. Most were breaking the ice off the guides with their fingers. Please don’t do this. You can easily break or bend the guides as well as having the ice nick your rod, causing a weak spot where it might break when […]

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Joe’s Fishing Hole: Getting adjusted to higher water levels

Lake levels are at the highest they have been in quite a while. Good for fish, good for fishing, but in many places not so good for shore access. Beaches that were easy to walk and easy to fish from are now under water. With water at the high water mark, the shorelines are often steep or brushy. Anglers need to adjust where they fish and in some cases how they fish. With the difference […]

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