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How to Find and Catch First Ice Bass

Hard-bottom areas like rock piles can be bass magnets this time of year. McKeon explains the importance of making noise by pounding rattling baits on the bottom and vertical jigging to both attract and trigger bites. He shares some critical rod and line considerations for working the lure, driving hooks home, and ultimately getting fish topside without tearing out tiny treble hooks. This isn’t your standard early morning affair like bass fishing during the summer […]

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The best and most miserable weather for largemouth bass fishing

Most bass fisherman like having some wind and I’ve had good luck on windy days when I’ve found nice protected areas to fish.   Fish tend to be more aggressive when the water is rippled.   Crank baits and swim baits are good choices on windy days but I’ve also had luck with spinner baits,  worms, and flukes. On windy days, fish tend to concentrate on wind-blown points and banks but during spring will often chase baits in […]

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