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Trout fishing opens Friday at freshly stocked Irvine Lake

Trout start biting early in the morning, and anglers will have the chance to catch them at Irvine Lake starting Friday, Dec. 6. Orange County stocked the lake earlier this week with about 3,000 rainbow trout weighing at least a pound each, and the lake will open at 6:30 a.m. Friday through Sunday, a half hour ahead of its usual time, for at least the next two months, according to information from Orange County Supervisor […]

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Trout, crappie action highlights spring fishing

Trout fishing is off to a good start — and may get better as streams start to drop — while crappies are moving closer to shore to spawn. “A lot of good reports on trout,” said John Grier at Whispering Pines Outpost on M-95. “Twelve and 13 inches, and I’ve heard of some bigger.” “Crappies aren’t spawning yet, but they’re in shallow water,” offered Doug Whisler at Whisler Outdoors in Florence, Wis. “The water is […]

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Fishing report for Easter weekend

Mosquito Lagoon: Trout fishing is getting better in the Mosquito Lagoon and the waters were clearing up prior to the easterly winds starting up again mid-week. As winds calm the next few days, expect to find ample sight-fishing opportunities. Keep in mind, fish are getting a lot of pressure during the spring, so expect them to be spooky and boat-shy. Avoid using outboards in shallow water, and when possible, pole instead of using a trolling […]

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