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Bass Fishing ChatterBaits on Offshore Grass Flats

A ChatterBait is an efficient lure for quickly covering water when searching for bass scattered across expansive grass flats. Bass pro Jeff “Gussy” Gustafson shares some tips on how to dissect seemingly featureless grass flats. Gussy emphasizes the importance of making contact with cover the duration of long casts. Doing so disrupts the bait’s consistent action and triggers reaction strikes. As a general rule of thumb, long casts and staying off the trolling motor reduces […]

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Jerkbait Fishing Tips for Ultra Cold Water Bass

Fishing tends to be slower during the winter months but this period can provide excellent bass fishing for the hardcore. Legendary Ozarks angler Randy Blaukat is that guy and shares his comprehensive system for catching bass using jerkbaits when water temps hover in the low 40’s and even extending down into the upper 30-degree range. Randy’s cold water approach is built around the strict use of spinning equipment for making longs casts, while quieter jerkbaits […]

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