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Outdoors: What to do while waiting for the white bass

I smacked dead my first mosquito of 2019 on Friday evening. It’s only February, but you can smell freshly-cut grass clippings in the air instead of fireplace smoke, and people are walking around in shorts and flip-flops like it’s summertime. This year, things that are usually pretty predictable — like planting your garden or crops so the last freeze doesn’t make you start over — are going to be a tougher call. But when you […]

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Josh Rouse: Camera, first white bass saved during fishing trip at Lake Shawnee

This has been a year of firsts for me as an angler, and this week provided another milestone as I headed out to Lake Shawnee for some after-dark fishing at the heated dock.   I’d had some success a few weeks back catching white crappie using some small Marabou and feather jigs on my ice fishing rod, and I wanted to see if the bite was still as strong after the cold front moved in. […]

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Stripers on horizon, but it’s white bass now at Canyon Lake

With an overcast sky and calm winds last week, the weather was perfect for spotting striped bass boiling to the surface chasing shad and casting topwater lures into the fray for a frenzied morning of action. So Capt. Steve Nixon pulled his boat out of Canyon Lake Marina at 7 a.m. and slowly chugged to his favorite striper areas while scanning the water for seething fish and the sky for birds diving in for an […]

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