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Tips for Bass Fishing in Winter

By the time pumpkin-spice salsa and mayonnaise are back in stores, I’m losing my appetite for smallmouths. I love them dearly, but I spend so many days targeting them in spring and summer that when the temperature starts to drop here in the Northeast, I’d rather don long undies for stripers, pike, and steelhead. I’ve never really had regrets about it either. Until this year, anyway, after I had a chat with Michigan-based guide Mike […]

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How to Fish Finesse Worms for Winter Bass

Wes Logan shares a go-to finesse worm tactic for catching winter bass. While the Ned Rig involves fishing stick baits on a jighead with an exposed hook, Wes often favors rigging worms rigged weedless on a jighead. Doing so allows the lure to fish cleanly across the bottom in productive wintering areas full of cover like brush and rock with minimal snagging. Logan explains how a jighead works in conjunction with braid and a calibrated […]

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The Basics of Fishing Shad Raps for Winter Bass

Gerald Swindle considers the Rapala Shad Rap the #1 go-to bait when chasing southern bass during the winter months. GMAN explains why this is the case, emphasizing its tight and subtle wiggle (made from balsa wood), which closely matches the movement of shad in cold water. It’s a light finesse crankbait but casts reasonably well when fished on appropriate tackle. Swindle advises switching from fluorocarbon to a more manageable monofilament during the winter months. Mono […]

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