Teen cracks head open trying to illegally jump into Bass Pro Shops aquarium

Every time I turn around, I read story after story from older people trashing millennials about things they cannot control. This story gives me an opportunity to crap on the post-millennial generation. Granted, it’s not right to revel in it but it’s nice to see someone else be the downfall of the world for once.

Anyway, a teenager tried to jump into the large aquarium of a Denver, Colorado Bass Pro Shops in order to try and create a viral video. Not only did the teen get in trouble with the law by trespassing but he also cracked his head open with the nearby rocks on the way down. The teen had friends nearby to film things and spokesperson Jack Wlezien gave a statement on the matter.

To read the entire article, please click on this link http://thecomeback.com/pop-culture/teen-jump-into-bass-pro-shops-aquarium.html

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