The Evening Campfire: Bass fishing – spring into summer

Bass Season officially opens June 13th this year, or two weeks from today. But bass fishermen generally don’t wait until mid-June to participate. That’s because they practice catch and release, and the June opener applies to fishermen who keep and eat the fish they catch. The best bass fisherman I know, my nephew Marty Heben, never keeps a fish, except for the few seconds it takes to snap a photo, so he is free to fish throughout the spring. This year he has considered his favorite outdoors pastime a form of social distancing, so he is law-abiding as well.

The month of May usually marks the transition of colder waters into warmer waters in local lakes and ponds, and it also instigates the bass’s annual spawning period. Waters may rise from 45 degrees or cooler into temps around 60 by the second half of May, which will bring on the spawn. In western Pennsylvania, bass will get active in the early part of May and get their feed on before the leaner days of the spawn. Once the spawn starts, however, they have romance on their minds and don’t do as much hunting.

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