The Evening Campfire: Late summer weekend for smallmouth bass

Once in a while we put off the things we should be doing, like yard work and cleaning the garage, and focus on what we like to do, such as going smallmouth bass fishing on the Allegheny River in Warren County. And we never regret that decision.

It was the middle of August, with warm sunshine baking our forearms and a nice breeze tousling our hair. We drove up to camp, grabbed our shades, our sun block, and our spinning gear, and hauled our kayaks to the banks of the Middle Allegheny. By 11 a.m. we were ready to embark from a put-in spot we’ve used several times before, five miles upstream from the village of Althom and down a path from the gravel road through a thick, wooded glen that features dark oaks, red maples, and several tall, silver-barked sycamores.

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