The Fishing Corner: Experience, knowledge keys to fishing success

There is something to be said about learning a river well and fishing where you have had success. This can be the case if one fishes from the bank and does not have the opportunity to cover a lot of river miles by boat. I can think of many of these locations for each of the rivers in our area. You might say, I have my “go to” places because I have learned that steelhead tend to hold up in these areas year after year and even at a particular time.

Sometimes this location is no more than a slot along a bank with an undercut. I have found these locations on the Wynooche, Wishkah and Humptulips rivers. I can go back to these places time after time and expect to find fish. Actually, if I have stirred up the water in the morning, I have been successful later in the day when things have quieted down. This may only take a few hours and the steelhead re-occupy their cover.

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