The key to summer fishing is getting in the weeds

We’re nearing the summer, and a wide variety of species of fish can be caught in the next few weeks and months. We’ve all heard of the summer doldrums and the dog days of summer, and those phrases often create thoughts of slow fishing. While it is true that we need to adapt our fishing techniques to be successful in the summer, it’s also true that fish are eating machines in the warmer months of the year. Food for the fish is plentiful, but the warmer water means that the fish will be eating more often.

In the summer months, the fish will be in a variety of places, and there are a good number of ways to catch them. The fish can be deep or they can be shallow. They can be suspended or they can be relating to structure. But there will almost always be some in the vegetation, also referred to as weeds, that grow in deeper water. Here’s how to go about catching them when they’re around that vegetation.

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