The Reviews of Bass Pro Shops at the Pyramid Are Amazing

In case you didn’t know, there’s a giant pyramid in Memphis, Tennessee that is actually a Bass Pro Shops. Yes – that’s right. there’s a giant fishing store, that also has a shooting range, a bowling alley, a bar and a restaurant in a big pyramid. Ladies and gentlemen, if you haven’t already heard about it – please…let me introduce you to Bass Pro Shops at the Pyramid.

As a kid, I have fond memories of the pyramid. I legit thought it was like….THE pyramid. I was super confused when I saw those pyramids in Egypt. But, that’s what happens when you have the mind of a child. Anyway, the giant pyramid is back in our conscience because of that meme that went around a couple of weeks ago saying ‘states with a giant Bass Pro Shops in a pyramid,’ or something like it, and Tennessee being the only state highlighted. Classic meme.

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