The Ultimate Guide to the World’s Best Fly Fishing

It’s the worst of times to be an angler. The fish are smaller, the crowds are bigger, and climate change is ruining everything. And yet, it’s also the best of times: The latest gear makes the sport more effortless than ever, and no location is too remote to access with a rod and reel.

For those who like to travel, today’s base camps have begun to resemble world-class resorts with spa services, herb gardens, and wine tastings. The focus is still on catching fish, but booking a top-shelf angling vacation means having options. One day you might be heli-­fishing for steelhead, the next you’re chasing them upriver in a 200-­horsepower jet boat. The key to the top trips is your guide, an experienced hand who knows the area and will lead you to the perfect inlets, eddies, runs, and other secret spots.

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