Two Bay of Islands men fined for poaching, banned from fishing

Two men from Humber Arm South convicted of illegally harvesting lobster won’t be doing any fishing of any sort for a while. Leonard Stephen Greene, 60, and Paul Locke, 54, entered guilty pleas to poaching crustaceans when they appeared at provincial court in Corner Brook for what was supposed to be a joint trial this week.

Greene, who resides in the community of Benoit’s Cove, changed his previously not guilty pleas to guilty on four charges, including possessing undersized lobster, possessing spawning female lobster and possessing V-notched lobster. A V-notched lobster is one known to be able to spawn. It would have been marked, using a special tool to cut a small piece out of its tail, when previously caught by a harvester and returned to the sea. Any V-notched lobsters must be put back in the water when caught.

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