Vets lead the cast in bass fishing outing

Very early on the morning of Aug. 31, about 30 veterans of the armed services will take on a challenge that is tough for most of us, but might seem like nothing too harrowing for this group of soldiers, sailors, and Marines. Our veterans have experienced the jungles of Vietnam, the bitter cold of the Korean peninsula, and the deserts of the Middle East, all while risking their lives, serving their country and facing untold danger and hardship.

So after what many of these wounded warriors have gone through, fishing for largemouth bass qualifies as relaxation and therapy, and another chapter in a lengthy, sometimes lifelong healing process. Burwell Angling, along with a dozen or so area sponsors, will host “Fishing with Veterans” in an effort to provide a bit of emotional, psychological, and physical rehabilitation for these soldiers and their families.

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