Weed fishing can be fun with proper lures

As readers well know I personally enjoy fishing for literally any species of fish, and when possible, taylor tackle in size, power and weight to conditions and the potential size and strength of whatever may be hooked. It maximizes fun and thrills of hooking and playing fish, though on occasion I’ve been outgunned when an unexpected brute of much larger than expected proportions or a different species grabs a bait or hook.

One thing that I’ve done and come close to perfecting is fishing in weedy, lily covered places for bass. When I began experimenting with lures and gear as an 11-year-old kid, I lived close to Bog Meadows, an abandoned Norwich Water system reserve reservoir, located high up on the hills that peak on Scotland and Plain Hill Roads in Norwichtown. A few miles on a bike was worth the great fishing for panfish, pickerel and largemouth bass.

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