The weekend could bring improved weather for fishing, outdoor sports

May is winding down; less than a week remains of the month that is a gateway to summer. It has been a wet month (rainfall totals already exceed the month average) and spring has been slow moving. It is only in the last week that we’ve seen leaf out and an abundance of flowering trees, well past what we’d expect.

All outdoor enthusiasts have dealt with cool, wet weather and it’s put a damper on things for most people. This weekend, Memorial Day weekend, looks finally to be turning in the right direction. Temperatures will be mild, rainfall light if at all and overnight lows will be near average. That is all a nice change. For anglers the focus for many will be on muskies; that season opens this weekend. With water temperatures cooler than normal we’d look for them to be near shallower water, seeking out that extra warmth they can find there. Mid-size lures, slow retrieves and lighter tackle often works well in the early season.

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