What makes a fishing trip? Whatever you want!

A few weeks ago, I was in eastern Washington visiting family. On a sunny Saturday, I took two nephews and a niece, ages 6 to 13, on a fishing trip. Predictably, it was a departure from my typical outings. Rather than keeping count of the fish we caught, the kids kept track of the cool things we saw — a beaver, a great blue heron, pheasants, deer tracks and a dead snake, to name a few.

Fish were also involved, of course. I helped each youngster land a bass or two, and each catch was a thrill. But the kids were just as excited about the other wonders of nature we encountered, whether it was dissecting cattails, wondering where all those bullfrog noises were coming from or snacking on gummies in a secluded, lakeside forest clearing where we made our base camp.

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