What You are Really Fishing when You Fish a Stump

Stumps are one of my favorite bass holding pieces of cover that you can find on most flooded reservoirs and rivers. The offer a lot of cover and ambush opportunity for a big bass and one big stump can hold multiple good fish. But I think a lot of anglers don’t understand what they are fishing when they fish stumps at various times of the year.

Stumps can have their own ecosystem under the surface. Often a location for spawning panfish, they will also attract lots of bait like shad that will use them as shad and spawn on them on the full moons. So protection, food, shade and more make stumps a must fish location on any given body of water. I put a camera under the water to look under some productive stumps this past year where I’ve caught good fish over the years. And a few things occurred to me about fishing stumps.

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