Where to Fish Florida-Strain Bass During Cold Fronts

Florida-strain largemouth bass react negatively to cold fronts but are still catchable so long as you make smart location and presentation adjustments. Shallow water expert Bill Lowen faced such conditions and demonstrated the power of moving to the thickest cover near where you had been catching them before the fronts and punching your way into the bass if necessary with a big weight.

He had been catching them really good the day before on a swim jig (https://youtu.be/UJF02pMxh_g) but figured out with the cold front, the better fish had moved into the much denser cover of hyacinth mats that blew into the corners of pockets and clumps of reed heads. Those thicker canopies give bass more protection from cold north winds and keep the water insulated for them. That’s what makes them such prime largemouth bass options on a lot of fisheries with Florida-strain bass.

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