Why Flat-Sided Crankbaits Excel for Springtime Bass

Flat-sided crankbaits catch bass all year, but they’re at their best during the prespawn period when water temps are cold but starting to warm. Professional bass angler Randy Blaukat details when and where to target bass with flat-sided crankbaits and how to fish them to catch quality prespawners.

Both baitfish and bass are usually a little sluggish during the prespawn warm-up. Unlike their round-bodied cousins, flat-sided crankbaits have a more subtle presence that often outperforms more aggressive baits during this period of colder water. Early to mid-prespawn finds bass tightly schooled, so horizontal baits like crankbaits make excellent search tools. Long casts parallel to, or slightly angled to lead-in banks allow you to cover a lot more water than vertical presentations like jigs.

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