Why Repeat Casts Matter in Bass Fishing

One of the bigger things I’ve learned this year, due in large part to some eye-opening experiences with fish you could see and seeing fish on new real-time imaging technologies was that repetitive casts matter, in both the ways they can matter. In other words, there are times when you should repeat your casts to improve your odds of catching a fish and times when you should not repeat casts to improve your odds later.

The simplest answer to when to make repeated casts is whenever you think bass are obstructed or in competitive environments or are not moving at all. I can give numerous examples of how all of these principles apply to every day bass fishing but we’ll just consider a few. I’ve seen countless times where many repeated casts with a topwater finally yielded a bite around cover. Think about the times you’ve fished a frog over grass or cast a walking topwater over big stumps or run a buzz bait down a dock or a laydown. You make cast after cast, and then, it seems like all of the sudden, a fish shows up and blasts it.

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