Winter big bass time at Beaver Lake

It took a lure with a funny name to make a winter fisherman out of this fair-weather angler. That was many moons ago when I was just getting my feet wet learning how to wrangle a few bass out of Beaver Lake. It was a new piece of water for me. I did OK in the spring and summer. Top-water lures and plastic worms were good for a couple of fish almost every trip when it was warm.


Soon as the weather turned cold, I put away the fishing rods and shifted gears to rabbit hunting. Now and then we’d have one of those warm winter days. I’d head out for some fishing, but rarely got a bite. I gave up winter fishing. For years I never made a cast until spring. One cold winter I kept hearing anglers talk about catching big bass on these things called jerk baits. Har-dee-har-har. Jerk baits. That’s rich.

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