Winter fishing: Trout run year-round at this Mo. park

DENT COUNTY, Mo. — I arrived too late to fish so I did the next best thing: I scouted for fish. There were plenty to be found, even in the fading light of a late winter afternoon. A half-dozen rainbow trout idled in the gently swirling currents of the Blue Hole, a spot not far from the spring from which Montauk State Park takes its name. The spring pumps out about 50 million gallons of 57-degree water daily. This spot also marks the beginning of the 184-mile-long Current River, the first 105 miles of which form the core of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways.

A couple hundred yards downstream from the Blue Hole, Hudson Corner harbored another handful of trout. A few trout were rising at the Mill Dam Hole, where the river widens and slows before spilling across the ancient stone structure.

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