Worthington bass fishing team is hooked on a new competitive sport

Fishing isn’t just a pastime. For the members of the Worthington High School Bass Fishing League, it’s a competitive sport. Throughout the summer, local teen-age fishermen have been baiting hooks for team glory, soaking up everything they can learn on how to tackle particular Minnesota lakes, and hoping for a chance to go to the state tournament.

“I think it’s a different twist on fishing,” said one of the members, Traeton Holt. “Everybody thinks it’s just sitting out on a lake and putting bobbers in water, and just watching it. It’s more fast-paced, and it’s the hard-core side of fishing. I think it’s a lot more of a sport than people make it out to be.” In 2018, the first year of competitive fishing in Worthington, anglers set out on lakes in two six-man teams. The Worthington squadron is made up of kids between grades 8 and 11. Tournaments typically begin at 7 a.m. and continue till 2 p.m., and anglers attempt to catch five bass which they weigh in a bag. The team with the heaviest catch wins. Also, the team with the biggest fish gets a plaque.

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